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Nagarhope has run a SponsorKidz programme since 2008 and has built on that year on year. At present, over 220 children are sponsored in various private and government schools in Nagarkot, Bhaktapur and Kathmandu. Over the years, we have noticed changes in the attitudes parents have shown towards education and their child’s future. Some have fallen by the wayside unfortunately; their parents are usually the key to keeping them in school. Some have left for numerous reasons, sometimes to work on the farm and support their ageing parents who are unable to cope with the daily toil. As part of our SponsorKidz programme, we send a photograph of the sponsored child annually, as well as exam results attached to an email a few times a year. Nagarhope has also set up Education Centres in some areas to support children who are finding it hard in school, thus creating employment by hiring part time teachers before and after school to run informal tuition classes. Sponsorship costs €10 or €15 per month, depending on the school and the level of study. This covers a child’s educational costs for the year as well as books, uniform, shoes, and depending on the season – a warm jumper or rain jacket. We ask all sponsors to commit to their sponsorship until the child in question finishes secondary school. To sponsor a child, please click here.