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To build a children’s home for twenty children is all well and good, but the needs of the locals would not necessarily be looked after in this way. Nagarhope’s additional plan to build a community centre is in order to specifically cater to the needs of those in the area surrounding Nagarkot. Apart from schools or private houses, there is no area or building where locals can organise or gather. Our planned Community Centre’s aims are to provide a facility for locals to meet, whether it be to sort out issues in the area, plan small scale development or school projects, run sporting events, or indeed any other event which helps to promote areas such as education, community development, vocational training, health and hygiene, as well as discuss other burning issues such as women’s empowerment, child labour or social stigmas such as child marriage and child trafficking.

The Community Centre would have a large indoor hall facilitating meetings. This hall would also be used to play indoor sports such as basketball, volleyball or badminton. We have hopes for this centre also being used to facilitate other NGOs or organisations wanting to get out of the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu for a day or two, either to hold a seminar or just enjoy a well needed break.

There will be various smaller rooms attached to this centre including a kitchen, a pre-school for young children in the immediate area, vocational training rooms to facilitate various workshops, a computer and video room, a store room, and a reception area where visitors or locals could come to learn about Nagarhope’s work.

As with the children’s home, our Community Centre will be designed with the local community in mind.