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As part of our community centre, there will be plans over the coming years to include a small health post for the villages close by. As it stands, a fairly comprehensive health post is situated in Nagarkot close to the main bus stop, but villagers down the mountain have to walk long distances, and often in poor climatic conditions to reach there for simple medicines. Our proposed health post would be manned by a nurse on certain days and there would be a possibility to run health camps with visiting doctors from time to time. In September 2012, we, with the help of generous donors, enrolled a local- Sodha Gurung in a nursing college. Her course lasts for three years, after which she will have to go for training to a hospital either in Bhaktapur or Kathmandu. Her family home is about a fifteen minute walk away from our proposed centre and we have spoken to her about working for us in the future. She has shown great interest in helping her own villagers, especially after her own mother fell ill and had to walk 90 minutes to the nearest health post in an unfit condition. This health post would provide much respite for older patients, many of whom are carried on the shoulders when unable to walk themselves.