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27 April 2015

Hi all. Namaste.

It is Doc’s brother Tadhg here giving you all a quick update on Doc and family.

They are unharmed and as well as can be expected given what has happened in Nepal since Saturday lunchtime. A number of our family have spoken to Doc, and he and family are safe and well. They were in a supermarket on Saturday when the earthquake hit. Everything began to shake and food and other items literally flew off the shelves. Doc and Divya grabbed the two kids and ran outside to safety.

They have had to sleep outside for the last couple of nights, but thankfully there is not much damage to buildings in the area they live.

Doc has not been able to travel to Nagarkot yet to check on the childrens home, or the various schools which Nagarhope has worked with in the past. Nirvana, where Dhurba and others live, was completely destroyed, but thankfully no one was injured, and all are safe. It is probably a blessing the earthquake happened on a Saturday at lunchtime, when schools were closed and most people would have been outdoors. If it was during school time or night time the situation would likely have been far worse.

I’m sure you have all seen the pictures on the television or online, but according to Doc, they have seen little coverage themselves in Nepal. Only a small number of newspapers are still printing with only a handful of photographs giving locals some insight into the impacts elsewhere in the country.

This disaster will probably set Nepal back years, if not decades, and our prayers go out to all the Nepali, the many children known to Nagarhope and sponsored by many of you, and their family and friends, some of whom have lost loved ones.

Doc wants to express his gratitude to all of you who have been in touch to check in on how he and his family are. Hopefully he will get a chance soon to send a message to you all, but for now, thank you for your prayers and support.

We will send a further update soon, and will be deciding how we can best help our friends and family in Nepal at this difficult time.