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Nagarhope Nepal members held a meeting with parents in January 2016, discussing different aspects of our school. One of the main talking points was what our most senior students of SKG (Senior Kindergarten) would do once they completed the year. An overwhelming majority of parents supported the idea of upgrading our pre-school to accommodate the first year of primary level – Class 1. The ball was set in motion, and since then we have been working tirelessly towards establishing Nagarhope Basic School.

This upgrade meant that we would need more infrastructure, more teachers, more furniture, a separate primary curriculum and books to start teaching Class 1.

Between this meeting and May 2016, we built 5 rooms, a 2-roomed truss framed building including a hall, and a 3 roomed block on the foundation of our initial building, which had to be slowly and methodically deconstructed. Most of the materials – wood, stone, doors, windows, roof was salvaged for re-construction.

Education rules in Nepal state that a school be upgraded one class per year. So, in April 2018, we will run Class 2, class 3 in 2019, etc.

Our target for April 2019 is to have a new 6-roomed Primary block in place to accommodate Classes 1-5. This is to be a 2 storey block (3 up, 3 down) and must adhere to strict earthquake proof guidelines, adopted for all educational institutions since the earthquakes damaged so much infrastructrure. In order to fund the construction of this building, along with a new toilet block and drinking water project, funding is vital.

Nagarhope’s work and time is slowly being consumed by running Nagarhope Basic School, the initial ugrade to Class 1 is a lengthy process, involving a lot of paperwork and meetings, and a team visit from the District Education Office in Dhulikhel is vital to our cause. The building works until now have been funded internally, for the primary block, an extra fundraising push is ongoing to meet targets.