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Before any planning, designing, laying foundations, visits by engineers or architects, Nagarhope Nepal formed a committee in Gurung Gaun with locals living close to where we have purchased land. This committee has met several times since late 2012 to discuss the impact of what it is Nagarhope plans to do in their area. There are both women and men on this committee, old and young, farmers and housewives. Since its inception, this committee has stressed the need for three things in the village of Gurung Gaun – a usable road, running water 12 months of the year and a means of electricity better than the sporadic power supplied by the Nepali state at present. There is a communal water tap in the village which is fed from a natural freshwater spring a few hundred feet up the mountains, but the dry season leaves a dry tap and the need for villagers to walk longer distances to collect water. We have looked into alternative sources of power such as solar power and hydro, and more research is needed to see what is feasible. The idea, when powering our own centre, would be to try to power some homes from the local community at the same time. The Road, which will be first on the list of priorities, will benefit the villagers. They in turn will contribute materials and labour to construct the 180 metres we need in order for the road to reach Nagarhope’s land.