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Turning 40 today, in my home ‘way from home,
In Nepal, where I’ve lived for 10 years.
My wife, I met here, the kids born here too,
And I’ve built up some friends and some peers.
My hearts oft divided, as some of ye know,
It is now, as I write ‘tween these walls.
I yearn for my homeland, my family, my friends,
Once a year, if there’s time, Ireland calls.
To celebrate 40, a team and myself,
Have cycled the length of this country.
Almost twelve hundred ks, over 20 long days,
An unforgettable FAB 40 journey.
There may be a cake, and some candles to boot,
But my wishes for months have been this:
To fundraise for Nagarhope’s Primary School,
An opportunity I could not miss.
The idea was simple, the journey less so,
It was winter along Nepal’s plains.
But the team stuck together, and stuck to the plan,
Avoided large hiccups and rains.
We reached the West-border on Jan 28th,
The journey complete, hip-hooray.
But the journey to fund our Primary School block,
Is still on the go every day.
On February 10th, there’s a back up event,
With Nag Ireland’s team on the ground.
A Sponsored SPIN in Supervalu Lucan,
Where we’re hoping to raise a few pound.
A big thanks to all who supported the cycle,
To the committees both here and back home.
A milestone’s been reached, on two legs and two wheels,
Til the next one, To where we may roam.
From me personally, go raibh maith agat all,
The continued support knows no bounds,
Though I miss the auld sod, a ‘lil more every day,
A home ‘way from home I have found.
January 31st 2018