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The community around Sathikurya, the area where our school is situated, are pretty much living similar lives, sharing resources, manpower, celebrating festivals together. When meetings are called to do with school, local resources, co-ops, road, water, electricity, usually at least one member from each household attends.

When farming, locals use the ‘Mela’ system, wherein everybody takes it in turns to do what would take weeks as an individual family, by calling immediate neighbours and relations to complete the work in a day or two. When it is your turn, you feed whoever comes, and for the next few days, you work elsewhere, get fed by somebody else. This community method, as old as the hills themselves, ensures each households crops are taken in quickly and efficiently in a short space of time.

Nagarhope never needed to instill any sense of ‘Community’ in Sathikurya, it was there for many moons before. But Nagarhope did NEED this community in order to successfully run its project here; from the acquisition of land, to the opening and running or our school, community support has been a constant all along.

In turn, the local community has no doubt benefitted from Nagarhope’s presence. We have opened a road through the village, assisted in bringing a decent water supply back after the earthquake dried up many local springs, and most importantly, we have opened a school right on their doorstep. The uplifting of people through education leads to all other forms of development and access to a better quality of life within your own environment.

Our school was established by a trust, made up of locals and parents, is run by a management committee comprising the same. All decisions regarding the school, as with other decisions affecting the community, are made through communal meetings, and in the school’s case, always with the welfare of ‘Our children’ at heart.