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It is a relatively easy thing to start a school in Nepal, especially at the pre-school level. We had land, built a house, started running Nursery classes, and hired staff. But just running a school for the sake of it, as opposed to establishing a school to provide quality education to local children are two entirely different things.

Nagarhope had been sponsoring children’s education at various levels for 6 years prior to us opening our school in Sathikurya. Essentially, we paid fees to institutions who look after the education, and all we can do is only monitor the students progress, results, etc. Dealing with such schools over the years has given us a fair idea of what is expected by parents and communities. Now being in the position of education provider, we hear directly from parents and teachers, and are better suited to establish methods that suit the individual and collective children’s needs. Feedback is direct, from parents and teachers alike.

Our school runs the regular classes and subjects, as all schools are required to do. But we also put an extra emphasis on extracurricular subjects, and these are taught as part of the weekly routine. Depending on the level, students enjoy sports, art, music, dance, rhymes and stories, computer practical and various other subjects. These classes and activities give students a different perspective, and assist their learning capabilities, teaching teamwork, keeping fit, finding hidden talents and generally letting students blossom in ways not every student can whilst learning the regular subjects.

More often than not, the students who are top of the class academically will remain so throughout their schooling life. Students not all that academically minded often excel at other activities, once nurtured and guided along.