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At present, the school year 2076 (2019-20), 85 students are in attendance at Nagarhope Basic School. We have 8 teaching staff, 4 for the pre-primary level, and 4 for Pre to Primary level, and one caretaker.

Our school, 3 ½ kilometres from Nagarkot, a picturesque village 30km from Kathmandu, is very much so rural. Farming is the main livelihood; villagers follow seasonal trends, and are in the most part self-sufficient. Our school is within a half an hour walk for 60% of our students and staff, but the other 40% must walk up to 2 hours every morning and evening. This is fine for the older students, but there are children as young as 3 and 4 who have to make this arduous trek twice a day.

It has been a difficult task to employ teachers from the immediate vicinity due to the lack of qualified candidates and a continued exodus of young adults going abroad to seek better pay for menial jobs in the Gulf countries and Malaysia. To counteract this, we have accommodation facilities in place, should the need arise for hiring teachers from further afield. The closest large town, Bhaktapur is a 2 hour journey, 1 hour on a bus, followed by a 1 hour walk.

As with any education or sponsorship program Nagarhope has initiated, we always hope that the students of today become the teachers of tomorrow, indeed children that we sponsor from the school’s cachement area are encouraged to study education at the higher secondary level.

See below for some images from Nagarhope Basis School in 2074 (2017-18):

Play Group

Nursery Class

JKG (Junior Kindergarten)

SKG (Senior Kindergarten)

Class 1

Class 2

Class 3

Class 4

The Staff