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Nagarhope’s goals have always involved uplifting people through education and awareness in the community. For almost ten years, we have sponsored children’s education in various primary, secondary and tertiary educational institutions.

In April 2014, we opened the doors to our own pre-school, now Nagarhope Basic School. As of 2020, we have 105 children and 12 full-time staff. Our goals are now heavily centred on providing quality education in our school, providing teachers with training and ensuring a healthy and safe environment.

In April 2017, we started running Class 1 (1st year of primary education), and every year we will upgrade a class until Class 5 at least. Our medium-term goals have to involve infrastructure for our own school. By 2021, we will need 9 classrooms, as well as other facilities such as library, kitchen, computer room, office, hall etc . . .

Vital to achieving these goals are assistance from the community itself, our school Management Committee is made up of parents / locals and members of the Nagarhope Nepal Committee.

We hope to provide other programs in our school outside school hours, in the sectors of health, education, literacy, awareness. Already certain local groups use our facilities for meetings – women’s groups, local forestry users groups. It is a school, but can be used in many ways to assist the wider community.

It has to be said such programs have long been the plan, but the earthquakes put us on the back foot, our building irreparably damaged, and the day to day life of the organisation disrupted from moving forward for almost two years.