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Ever since 2010, Nagarhope has run a women’s picnic on 8th March, International Women’s Day. Spearheaded, and always excellently organized by our founder Dhurba Bhujel, 2019 saw our 10th year anniversary picnic.

Usually, we rent a bus, fill it up with older women, and transport them to a picnic spot close to a temple within a few hours drive of Kathmandu valley. A team of volunteers (men only) will cook and work for the day reversing what Nepali women usually endure every day – a hard auld life.

Since its inception, close to 1,000 women have benefitted from this enjoyable outing. In 2018 we held the picnic on the grounds of our school in Sathikurya, where over 300 women attended.

A big thanks to Dhurba and all the sponsors and volunteers over the years.