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Nagarhope sponsors many children in the Nagarkot area, and we have found that many children walk long distances to school. Whilst this is beneficial to their health and wellbeing, it is a different matter to see a four year old child have to walk 1-2 hours every morning and evening. Our proposed pre-school would target the youngest children in the area, educating them until which stage they are old enough to walk up the mountain themselves. We envisage this facility having a good impact having seen high absenteeism of younger children in various schools in the Nagarkot area due to the distance and time it takes to get to school.

This Pre-school will include a few classrooms that will double up as tuition centres for local children attending local schools. There is a high drop-out rate of boys and girls in their early teens due to them not being able to pass exams. As in other tuition centres we run, locals could send their children to us, where they could do their homework in a contained educational environment as opposed to at home, where often, uneducated parents and older siblings cannot guide and teach them.