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Our educational support project in Teku, Kalimati has been running close on four years now. We have a full time teacher Manju Miss taking care of this project. It doubles up as a support centre for children we sponsor and a classroom for uneducated children who attend day classes.

Children from the day class spend one year attending informal education classes learning Nepali, English and Maths before making the jump into mainstream schooling to either Miniland Secondary School, an English based private school close by, or Saraswoti Niketan, a government run Secondary School. This is one of our most successful projects, and as opposed to other schools where we simply visit the school itself to check on the students, in our Kalimati centre, we have direct contact with every student in the morning and evening before and after school. The kids live close by to our room, enabling us to meet the parents on a regular basis.

It costs €15 per month to sponsor a child in Miniland School. We have had volunteers and sponsors visit our centre. It has been generously supported by Umbrella Foundation Nepal, and by Harry Coogan and Dave Cutler in particular. For more information on Umbrella, log onto www.umbrellanepal.org