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Greetings one and all.

It has been almost 3 months since the first earthquake here in Nepal. The initial devastation seems like a long forgotten dream, the clean-up (still ongoing) could be some willow-the-wisp floating through our minds. Daily life is very much back on track- but only to those least affected. Most villagers I have visited have constructed some form of temporary shelter for themselves, something that was accelerated before the rainy season started. Many INGO’s / NGO’s / individuals / groups have been assisting in the reconstruction efforts, after the much needed relief phase. Nagarhope has been distributing essential food supplies and other items such as blankets, foam matting, mosquito netting, tarpaulin sheets & emergency lighting to over 1000 households in and around the Nagarkot, Kavre and Teku areas. This has included provisions to families of children we sponsor.

But as with everything in life, there are always exceptions to the norm, places hardest hit seem to be left of the radar.

Those who saw little emergency relief in the first phase seem to be deprived now of shelter and security. It is not easy to assess the needs of all. Just like it is not easy to access one and all. The terrain, the roads during the rainy season, the inaccessibility of many places makes relief and reconstruction all the harder.

Nagarhope’s own new temporary school is up and running with 41 children attending classes.
Our next step is to assist other schools in constructing TLCs (Temporary Learning Centres) as well as assisting those off the radar in constructing shelters for themselves and their families. Our plan is to assist in the construction of 45 shelters and 45 classrooms.

We are in the process of choosing suitable places for both programs and over the coming weeks, i hope we can show our progress by email and facebook to keep all our sponsors and donors updated.

Thank you all once again for your support
Mise le Meas,
Doc Clandillon
July 20th 2015