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Hi all, 5 days after quake, finally managed to get online. Myself and my family are all well, slept in our flat for the first time yesterday since the quake. You have all probably seen more on the news than i have here, electric took a couple of days before it was back, TV another while. Almost 5000 dead, some places of Kathmandu totally ravaged, life affected badly in 11 core districts, casualties in 38 out of 75 districts. Some remote areas, innacessible and totally out of contact. There is a massive clean up to do, and years of rebuilding on the cards. I have been through certain urban centres and villages to assess the loss over the last 2 days. The TV and radio only tell you so much. 90% or more of village houses have been razed fully or partially. Everyone is sleeping in tents close to their houses in cities where supplies are hard to come by. My mother has contacted me to say many people would like to help. Our nagarhope committee as well as villagers are meeting in Nagarkot tomorrow to see what we can and should do. The area where we work around Nagarkot urgently needs plastic sheeting / tents. I will be in touch. Thanks to all for sending messages and phoning at this difficult time. We havent asked for help yet, but many people are phoning offering assistance. Keep in touch, as each person meets one another for the first time says “It is great to see you”. And it is. The communities were in shock and some still are, the 72 hour period of aftershocks is waning, but everyone still on high alert. Many still missing, hundreds of thousands homeless sleeping under rising storm clouds some nights. God bless one and all, life has taken on a whole new meaning for us over here, going to Ireland in October seems like some farfetched dream. What matters most is today. A good today will see a better tomorrow, and we need a better tomorrow. Peace out one and all. Give your loved ones an extra big hug tonight before you sleep. Light a candle. Await tomorrow . . . .

29 April 2015