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To whom it may concern.

Hi! one and all. Hope all is well with you all. A big Namaste from Nepal. First of all I am so sorry for not writing and updating you all about me for a long time. I am fine here. My parents are fine too though devastating quake hits Nepal on 25th April. I am still staying in Nagarkot Sunrise Boarding School, attending my college regularly.

Regarding my study, I am now studying in PCL Nursing, 3rd year and going to complete it soon. I have finished my practical examination on 25th August. It was nice. I am having a final board examination from 18th September. So these days i am having holidays for the exam preparation. I am working and studying hard to score best mark for best result.

During 3rd year course, we have four subjects i.e three of midwifery nursing and one of leadership and management. We were posted to several hospital for maternity practice as well as leadership and management practice. During maternity practice we have to conduct minimum 15 deliveries(normal or Caesarean section) as per the curriculum. When i had a baby on my hand, then only i realize myself as a nurse, able to give life to somebody. Similarly in leadership and management practice we have to act as a nursing incharge, nursing supervisor. We also need to provide inservice education to hospital staff and carry out change process in hospital for which i provide inservice education on “Dressing ” and changes in waste management for change process.

Regarding my past two years, we were taught and trained about basic nursing care and procedure. We had five subjects which includes fundamental of nursing, community health nursing-I, Nepali, anatomy and physiology, and English ( headway, academic and chinar-I). Similarly we had six different subjects in 2nd year i.e adult nursing-I, adult nursing-II, pediatric nursing, community health nursing-II, know Nepal and behavioral science. For the practical, we were posted to the respective specialized hospital around the Kathmandu Valley. I tried my best to score good marks in the past years. As a result, I was able to score 77.86% and 85.10% in 1st and 2nd year respectively.

On 25th April 2015, devastating earthquake with magnitude of 7.8 hit Nepal and we can’t be untouched. I was as hospital at that time. When the shaking stops, we moved outside the hospital along with the patient.

For the disaster management, we organized four different posts with color code i.e black, red, green and yellow.

Black for the dead people.

Red for the people who need immediate action for their survival.

Green for the minor injured people and,

Yellow for the people who didn’t need immediate action and can delay treatment for few hours.

I was so shocked that at a time, the patients arrived were uncontrollable. There was such a large number of dead bodies, some without head, some without arms, some without legs. Some can’t be recognized as their face was smashed. The situation was so fearful.

Afterwards, numerous aftershocks were felt. After few hours, i remembered my family. I tried to contact them but it failed due to poor network. I was so worried about family. So, i tried and tried until evening. At last I was able to contact my Dad. When I heard dad’s voice, tears begun to fall down my eyes. My dad convinced me not to worry we all are fine, stay safe. Next day my brother took me to my family. All the academic institutions were closed for a month. So, I also had a month long holiday. During that period I also helped Nagarhope in the construction of Nagarhope school which is established in my village.

Daily life much have returned back to normal. But, on 27th August bhaktapur was affected by the flood from Hanumante River. As our college and hospital are at the riverbank, the first floor of both hospital and college was completely drowned. So the college and all the OPD services were closed on that day. Our building was collapsed, the walls were ruined by the forceful wave of water. On the following day the college was shifted to Suryabinayak.

After the completion of exam, we have to wait six months and appear a lisence examination to be a registered nurse by Nepal Nursing Council. Only then we can apply for job in hospital.
For the further study i.e Bachelor of Nursing, we need a year long job experience.

I am so happy that i am going to achieve my dream of being a qualified nurse soon. During three years I enhanced both my knowledge and skills needed to be a best nurse.
It’s all merits goes to you all as it was possible because of your remarkable support. Thank you so much.

Hope you will also keep on providing me support for the further study in the upcoming years too.

I will be in touch with you all in the coming days. Bye Bye!!
Take care!!

Yours sincerely
Sodha Gurung